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Zubop - original music, world influences.

In a nutshell

Zubop are a vibrant London-based band playing 100% original, highly danceable music pulling in sounds from across the world from South Africa to South America, from funk to reggae to klezmer and beyond. Visit Zubop Sound for more about our ethos, or Zubop People to find out more about us as individual musicians, and Recorded Zubop for album details and sample tracks in MP3 format.

What's new with us?

ZubopGambia welcomes SOLOMELO!!

These days, more often than not we play out as our extended line-up of ZubopGambia. Listen to some of our latest tracks here This collaboration features the talents of:

Molara - niece of Fela Kuti, inspirational female force and for 14 years the voice of dub pioneers Zion Train, her singing and presence on-stage is electrifying

Njega – Gambian master drummer, his djembe-playing lays down the ZubopGambia rhythmic foundation, and – alongside his talking drum and vocals - lifts us to greater heights, exhorting, coaxing the crowd to their dancing feet

Solomelo – with his gentle guitar and soulful vocals, he is a large presence in the band in every way. Having arrived recently from the Gambia, he brings the African spirituality and sunshine with him

Put alongside the classic horn section and rhythm section of Zubop, this is a wonderfully uplifting and infectious sound.

Here's what people have said about us:

Cooking rhythms, loads of strong melodies and a fine time had by all. Birmingham Post

A whirlygig of world beat sounds Jazzwise

The reason this band’s music always seems so fresh is that it is constantly finding new things to get excited about. In this case, it is a pair of African master musicians they came across in Hackney, of all places. They come from Gambia, a cultural crossroads where many musical traditions meet, and so were immediately in tune with Zubop’s eclectic approach. The result is irresistible, high-spirited and full of fun….conveys a sense of surprise and discovery. The Observer

The tone is upbeat, accessible and clearly aimed at getting feet moving and hips shaking. Declamatory vocals fit in surprisingly well with the chunky brass and tight rhythms of the Zuboppers. Everyone involved clearly got a thrill from collaborating, and there’s a spark about it all which is downright infectious. fRoots magazine

‘A lively, fun loving band of vibrant beats and high quality music that you can’t sit still to. Our venue was rockin’ by the end of the night!’ Sara Robinson, Director, Ludlow Assembly Rooms

"Exuberant and exciting, this highly enjoyable group mixes contemporary jazz, Latin, African music and funk into a celebratory danceable form, performed with on-the-edge enthusiasm."
Linton Chiswick, Time Out

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